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You may be fortunate to be subject to a fairly routine inquiry, which can be resolved by the production of supporting records. However, it could also be the prelude to more serious investigations.

We take the strain out of the investigation so you can focus on what you do best – run your business.

Tax & VAT Disputes

For investigations into direct taxes such as income tax and corporation tax, tax returns may be selected at random, including those in which everything appears to be in order. However, the bulk of inquiries are selected according to risk, on the basis that there is significant tax at risk, or a suspicion that something is wrong.

VAT investigations are typically triggered either if a routine VAT inspection uncovers irregularities, or as a result of out-of-pattern declarations and repayment claims, or if you operate in a sector deemed “high-risk” by HMRC. Depending on the severity of the suspected offences, HMRC can choose to exercise their powers under the Civil Investigation of Fraud procedures or, in the most serious cases, to launch a criminal investigation with subsequent prosecution potentially resulting in imprisonment

Personal Liability Disputes

The personal liability notice system was introduced to act as a deterrent to abuse and losses to the National Insurance Fund. This was seen in a number of cases where the assets and the operations of an insolvent business that had run up significant tax debts were acquired by a new company operated by the existing management team that has a history of not paying National Insurance contributions due.

Liability for an entire company’s unpaid NIC, late payment interest and penalties moves from the company to a company director personally.

Issuance of a personal liability notice is a highly serious matter. It is essential you contact us for experienced professional representation and to defend the interests of yourself and your family.

Tax Tribunals

Procedures at the Tax Tribunal require the taxpayer to disprove a case put forward by HMRC. It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to disprove HMRC’s contention, not for HMRC to prove its case! Achieving this requires the taxpayer’s representative to have not just an understanding of the law, but also the advocacy skills to design the counter case and to present it effectively at Tribunal.

We have an excellent record in defending our clients when they have been unable to reach an agreement with HMRC and have built an enviable reputation as their committed and fierce advocates.

HMRC Records Check

HMRC Records checks fall into two categories. The first is when HMRC request a full compliance check on every aspect of your income tax return. The second is when the request information on a certain aspect of the return such as the capital gains calculation or the claim for relief on charitable donations.

If HMRC finds errors on your annual tax return, they can make the assumption that the same errors have been made in all the other years. They will then give you a bill for unpaid tax, interest and penalties going back for these years. Major issues crop up when HMRC have decided mistakes have been when none exist. This is why it is important to ensure you get the right expert help.

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